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Slash your hot water bills by up to 80%

NRG Solar is proud to supply and install Reclaim Energy CO2 Heat Pump Hot Water Systems. Boasting industry leading technology, Reclaim Energy hot water systems offer massive power savings and are one of the most environmentally-friendly ways to heat water.

Combining a Reclaim Energy heat pump with your solar PV system slashes energy consumption and hot water bills even further. You could be saving up to 80% on your water heating costs.

Download the specification sheet:
Reclaim Energy 315L Glass Lined Tank Datasheet

the most efficient way to heat water

Piping hot water from as little as $1 a day with a Reclaim Energy CO2 Heat Pump

Integrate with solar for additional savings

Designed to use excess PV generation rather than exporting it to the grid, a Reclaim Energy heat pump maximises solar self-consumption and slashes hot water costs.

world-leading australian designed technology

Designed in Australia for Australia. A world-leading high-tech control system provides an intelligent, highly efficient, low cost solution for continuous hot water.

use 80% less energy than traditional water heaters

For every 1 kW of electricity it uses, a Reclaim Energy heat pump generates about 5 kW thermal output, compared with 1 kW for 1 kW of traditional systems.


Reclaim Energy heat pumps are designed to last, but should anything go wrong, local technical support and after-sales service is close by.

Why choose NRG Solar for you heat pump hot water system supply & installation?

When NRG Solar does your heat pump installation, you know the work is being done by Adelaide’s trusted solar experts. 

With NRG Solar, you get:

  1. Analysis of your water heating needs and usage patterns
  2. Our 'no surprises' quoting policy and turnkey installation service, which means no hidden add-ons
  3. A dedicated project manager to coordinate your installation from start to finish
  4. Certified solar electricians and local technical support that's just a phone call away
  5. Our technicians will program your Reclaim Energy system to maximise your power bill savings

What is a heat pump hot water system and how does it work?

A heat pump works a lot like a reverse-cycle air-conditioner in heating mode. In the case of a heat pump hot water system, it sucks in ambient air from the environment and circulates it through an evaporator coil. Ozone-friendly CO2 refrigerant absorbs the heat, which then flows into a compressor that super-heats the gas before passing it through a heat exchanger. Here the heat is transferred to water and passed into an insulated holding tank.

Do heat pumps use a lot of electricity? No! Heat pumps are incredibly efficient. For every 1 kW of electric input, a Reclaim Energy heat pump generates a massive 5 kW thermal output. By comparison, a traditional electric element hot water system generates just 1 kW thermal output for every 1 kW of electricity it uses.

Why choose a Reclaim energy co2 heat pump hot water system?

We love Reclaim Energy because it’s an Australian owned company with a proven reputation for product excellence and more than a decade of experience at the leading edge of heat pump hot water systems.

Reclaim Energy heat pumps are made with a Japanese compressor, combined with Australian made holding tanks and controllers that are designed in Australia for Australia.

And being local, you know that any questions will be answered by an Australia based technical team. Not to mention that every system comes with generous warranties for parts and labour.

5-star reviews and happy testimonials
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Headquartered in Adelaide and family owned
Proudly South Australian

Heat pump hot water system price guide

How much does a heat pump hot water system cost?

It’s a smart investment. Real life case studies show that a Reclaim Energy CO2 Heat Pump Hot Water System using surplus solar costs as little as $60 a year to run.

We are pleased to offer 315-litre Reclaim Energy Co2 Heat Pump Hot Water System units at $5554.

The installation costs will depend on the sites requirements for a successful install, with standard costs beginning at:

  1. Installation (for New Build or Electric) - $2990
  2. Installation (for Gas or Solar Hot Water) - $3970
  3. Assembly of Installation kit and extras (required) - $280

Successful installation also includes a small-scale technology certificate (STC) rebate under the current small-scale renewable energy scheme (SRES) for South Australia 2024

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Watch the video to see how low your hot water bills can go

Frequently Asked Questions

can you have a heat pump and solar?

Yes. By integrating a heat pump hot water system with rooftop solar you can produce hot water from self-made solar power. If you are an existing solar PV owner who adds a heat pump hot water system, you may be able to significantly reduce, if not eliminate, the use of grid power for water heating. This is how you drive up efficiency and slash your hot water costs while, at the same time, making your home or business more sustainable.

how does a reclaim energy co2 heat pump hot water systems work?

Reclaim Energy Heat Pump Hot Water Systems work by drawing in the outside air to heat incoming mains water. Environmentally-friendly CO2 refrigerant absorbs the heat in the air, which then flows into a compressor where it is converted into a high-temperature gas. From there it flows through the water heat exchanger where the water is heated and stored in the tank for later use. There is no need for a booster kicking in, meaning less energy is required to heat the water and to keep it hot.

A smart controller works to compliment your business or household's PV solar system, allowing you to take full advantage of any excess solar your produce before sending it back to the grid, meaning it works somewhat like a battery. There are five presets that allow you to better manage and control your power–for example, running the system on excess PV power (when connected to solar) or running on continuous or off-peak mode of operation. We can help you choose the best option to suit your home and energy usage patterns. Plus, with the single shot booster, you will never be out of hot water.

are heat pump hot water systems one of the most efficient ways of heating water?

With a traditional electric element hot water system, 1 kW of electricity generates just 1 kW of thermal output. WIth a Reclaim Energy CO2 Heat Pump Hot Water System, however, the water heating process is up to five times more efficient. With no backup element required to keep the water at the right temperature, the heat pump only operates when it is asked to, making its power draw significantly lower than traditional hot water systems.

where does the heat pump water system need to be located?

The Reclaim Energy hot water tank can be placed virtually anywhere in your home, inside or outside, and the heat pump can be positioned up to 10 metres from the holding tank, giving you lots of flexibility. Is the system noisy? No. Reclaim Energy heat pumps are ultra-quiet.

What about the refrigerant? is it environmentally friendly?

Over the years, governments have progressively banned the use of ozone-depleting refrigerants, especially hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFs) when they were found to destroy the earth's protective ozone layer. Reclaim Energy heat pumps use carbon dioxide (CO2) as the refrigerant. From an environmental perspective, CO2 is a friendly refrigerant because it is naturally occurring and abundant in the atmosphere. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), CO2 has zero Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP) and a Global Warming Potential (GWP) score of just one. The lower the GWP value, the less impact the refrigerant has on global warming compared to carbon dioxide. By comparison, some chlorofluorocarbons have a GWP score of 12,000 or more!

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Case Study: 315L Heat Pump

A 315L electric tank was replaced by a Reclaim Energy heat pump unit.
Solar Analytics was already in place to monitor the power draw.

Daily power consumption
After Heat Pump installation: 2-4 kWh/day from day to day depending on the usage and weather conditions

Power consumption pattern shown to the right
The pink graph is a 5 kW PV system generation and the blue curve is the Reclaim heat pump with a peak power draw of about 0.94 kW in January as well as a sample day in July. Note the power draw varies between 0.8-1.2 kW depending on water inlet temperature and ambient temperature.

A comparative cost and energy savings analysis was conducted and is shown in the following graph
From an energy savings perspective, the Reclaim Heat Pump uses less kWh energy compared to any other technologies - approx. 78% and 82% energy savings (i.e. energy consumption reduction) compared to the conventional electric and gas water heaters.
A Reclaim Heat Pump unit is the cheapest to run using peak or off-peak tariffs. Considering $523 of annual running costs with Peak tariff for the Reclaim Heat Pump - an approx. 77% and 68% cost reduction can be achieved compared to conventional electric and gas water heaters.

Using the feed-in-tariff for houses with PV system on the roof, the cost of running Reclaim was reduced to ~$139/year - which is 5 times less than a feed-in-tariff system with electric tank).