BYD BAttery-box certified installer
byd battery-box certified installer

BYD Battery-Box

BYD is one of the most well known and trusted brands in the battery industry. Founded in 1995, their experience is second to none with more than 210,000 battery installations and an ever-expanding presence in global energy solutions.

Battery-Box utilises lithium iron phosphate chemistry, which is renowned for thermal and chemical stability. This makes the BYD Battery-Box one of the safest solar batteries on the market and built to withstand harsh environmental conditions, including South Australia’s scorching summers.

It is also one of the most flexible battery systems available. BYD Battery-Box can be expanded from 4 kWh to a massive 983 kWh of capacity at any time, depending on the model you have. This means you can adjust the size of the battery to suit the size of your solar PV system and increase your battery storage whenever you need, without having to decommission or replace existing batteries.

Last but not least, when coupled with Fronius GEN24, the Fronius Solar.web App feeds you real-time data through a friendly user interface, plus a host of smart functions that help to maximise your return on investment by putting you in total control of your home or business energy use.


Be part of the clean, green energy revolution

Reliable and proven

BYD was founded in 1995 and has more than 210,000 installations worldwide.

Scalable solution

Adjust the size of the battery to your solar system and add capacity at any time.

High flexibility

BYD pioneered the modular design that allows for true flexibility and easy installation.

return on investment

Automated smart monitoring drives smart energy use to maximise your savings.

We are a BYD Battery-Box Certified Installer

NRG Solar is a BYD Battery-Box Certified Installer based on proven expertise, customer care, installation excellence and leadership in the solar industry.

NRG Solar has installed more than 2,400 batteries across South Australia, which means your solar battery investment is in safe hands. 

In fact, we installed two Australian firsts with BYD: The first ever BYD Battery-Box + Fronius inverter at our Managing Director’s home, as well as the first ever BYD Battery-Box + Fronius GEN24 coupling.

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With BYD Battery-Box you get:

  1. Guaranteed Performance
    Battery-Box comes with a 10-year product warranty for defects in materials or workmanship, along with a performance warranty.
  2. Power backup you can rely on
    Battery-Box can provide full-house blackout protection and emergency power capability in on and off-grid situations.
  3. Wide range of applications
    From small residential to large commercial applications, Battery-Box can be scaled to suit your needs and expanded at any time.
  4. Long battery life
    The stability of the lithium iron phosphate technology means maximum safety, plus reliability across extreme conditions, as well as longevity.
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