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NRG Solar is a trusted player in the residential and commercial renewable energy sector. We’re truly passionate in this space and are recognised nationally and internationally for our commitment to customer service.

Our industry-leading team is Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited and involved in major renewable governing bodies and Australian-first trials. Thanks to our proven track record, we're trusted as the number one Australian solar installer by international solar manufacturer, Fronius. 

You can be confident that your system is safe, reliable and complies to strict Australian standards when you choose NRG Solar. We’ve completed over 850,000 hours of in-house testing and ongoing trials so we can ensure our customers get a dependable system that will provide the best return-on-investment.

When you go with NRG Solar, you get:
  • Fixed quote with no hidden surprises from a Sydney solar expert
  • Free consultation
  • Detailed savings and payback projections
  • No deposit, solar payment plan options
  • Quality solar products that we have tested ourselves
  • Installation using quality fixings performed by certified solar electricians
  • Fully warrantied parts and workmanship
  • Dedicated account manager to coordinate your project from start to finish
  • No paperwork required - we’ll do it all for you
  • Quality after-sales service from a consultant that cares
  • Reputation for quality and trust (more than 30% of our customers are referred by other customers)
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NRG solar 5 star reviews in adelaide
NRG solar 5 star reviews in adelaide
10kw system + Tesla powerwall

Extremely happy with the service NRG provided with our solar install. Right from the initial consultation to the communication before, during and after final installation the service has been excellent. Eddy and the team and have done a great job and I would recommend NRG to anyone looking at getting a solar system.

NRG solar 5 star reviews in adelaide
Wayne Trezise
13kw system

NRG have provided outstanding service with both selection choices, new build consultation, installation flexibility due to builder delays and smoothly expedited installation. They also have provided wonderful service after the install with software setup and monitoring. Have used other company before and I highly recommend Michael Summers at NRG to everyone I know. I have had the 13kw 3phase Fronius system in place now for 18 months now and it is terrific.

NRG solar 5 star reviews in adelaide
Julie Tomlinson
5.3kw system

Darren thoroughly went through all aspects for consideration. Kept informed throughout the whole process. Submitted all the required paperwork on our behalf. Installation team were excellent, clean, efficient, explained the system in detail and set up phone app, after service has also been great, nice people, great company highly recommend. The system is good quality and amazing.

No deposit payment plans

Save with solar now, pay later

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Delivering solar to Sydney homes and businesses

There’s no better time to invest in energy for your home or business. We want you to enjoy your Sydney solar panels and reap the benefits of lean, green energy for years to come. We match your home and energy usage to the right size system for you with our free consultation. We’re more than just your local Sydney solar installer, we provide a range of services for your home or business:

  • Solar panel installation
  • Battery storage
  • EV chargers
  • Solar car ports
  • Heat pumps
The NRG solar power van on the road

We only use brands we trust to design and install a system that will save you thousands for decades to come.

frontius redback solar battery system

NRG Solar are the only Fronius Service Partner Plus in SA. Fronius Inverters are rated #1 solar inverter in Australia. They are famous for their efficiency and reliability and Fronius have over 80 years experience in power transfer equipment.



Winaico solar panels are a top performer for residential and commercial applications. With advanced cell technology and the best warranty in the industry, these panels offer stable long term investment you can bank on for 25 years.


Emphase solar battery system.

Enphase microinverters allow your panels to operate independently for maximum power generation and advanced system monitoring. The Enphase microinverters are safe, smart and tough, plus scalable in their application.



NRG Solar is one of the first Tesla Powerall Premium Certified Installers in Australia. The revolutionary design and advanced technology makes it a leading energy storage solution for residential and commercial settings.


How much can you save with solar panels?

Solar is one of the few home investments that will actually provide you with a positive return-on-investment. Exactly how much is unique to your Sydney home.

Discover how much you could be saving if you switched to solar with our Solar Savings Calculator.

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Your Solar Questions Answered

How much does solar cost in Sydney?

The price of solar depends on a number of things, from the system you’re installing to unique factors about your home. As a rough guide, $1000-$1400/per kW would allow for a quality rooftop solar system, including quality solar panels and racking, as well as a reputable inverter. 

Our experienced Sydney solar experts will consider all the factors that go into the cost of the best solar system for your home in a free consultation.

How much is the solar rebate in NSW?

NSW residents have two incentives available when it comes to solar - Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) and feed-in tariffs (FiTs).

STCs are certificates that can be sold for approximately $40 each and are awarded depending on the size of the system installed and the location - the more sun, the more STCs. This incentive can save you thousands of dollars on installation costs.

If your solar system is producing more energy than you’re consuming, the excess is exported to the energy grid. In exchange, your energy provider will give you a deduction to your energy bill of around 7 - 12 cents per kWh.  

Do I need council approval to install solar panels in NSW?

Each local council will have different regulations when it comes to solar systems. The NSW Government, however, did make amendments to allow larger-scale systems to be installed in residential and commercial settings, so you will likely not require council approval. 

A quality solar installer will be aware if council approvals are required.

How long do solar panels last?

Good quality, well maintained solar panels should last around 25-30 years. Over time, your solar panels’ effectiveness will degrade and their energy output will decrease. Once your system has reached the 25-30 year mark, it will continue to produce electricity, just at a non-optimal rate.

How do I choose the right solar system?

The right solar system for your house will be dependent on a number of factors. This includes the location of your home and how much sun it receives and your current energy usage. 

With feed-in tariffs available, it’s recommended to install the biggest system that your roof can take that you can afford. This will account for your electricity needs increasing over time as well as provide you with a small discount on your electricity bill when your system generates more energy than you use.

Can my house run on solar power alone?

With a big enough system, a battery and plenty of sunshine, your house could theoretically run off solar power alone. Due to seasonal changes, there will likely be times where you need to tap into your energy provider’s grid to supplement your electricity.

Is solar worth it in Sydney?

With the increasing cost of living, especially electricity rates, renewable systems are definitely worth the upfront cost in the long run. Install a solar system now and they’ll have paid for themselves in 6-10 years!

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