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WINAICO Solar Panels

WINAICO solar panels are at the leading edge of solar technology, producing some of the most efficient, high-performing solar panels on the market. 

WINAICO guarantees at least 98% of rated performance in the first year and annual power degradation no more than 0.53% in the following 24 years. All of this means that your WINAICO solar panels will keep efficiently producing free, green power for decades to come.

Plus, you get the ideal combination of German-founded, state-of-the-art Taiwanese design and local support with WINAICO’s Australian headquarters in Sydney.

And if that weren’t enough, WINAICO is the only solar panel in Australia with a 2-year all-risk insurance policy and 25-year performance and product warranty, covering the cost of replacement.

WINAICO WST-MG 375 Panel Datasheet
The WST-MG GEMINI 375 Watt solar panel is a top performer for residential and commercial applications. With advanced cell technology and the best warranty in the industry, these panels offer stable long term investment you can bank on for 25 years.

Premium quality, performance and support

You can bank on WINAICO


Reliability you can rely on for 25 years


WINAICO panels consistently outperform others


Award-winning technology that others try to copy

CONSISTENT high quality adn performance

Automated testing before panels leave the factory

We are a WINAICO Platinum Partner

When you install WINAICO solar panels with NRG Solar, you are in safe hands. We are a trusted WINAICO Platinum Partner.

WINAICO chooses their premier partners carefully to ensure that their quality products are only installed by reputable solar companies. Our platinum status is a testament to our commitment to designing customer-focused solutions, doing quality installations and delivering exceptional service.

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Why do we recommend WINAICO solar panels?

Solar panels are the powerhouse of your solar power system. Their photovoltaic cells convert energy from the sun into electricity. Therefore, the more power your panels produce each sunlight hour and over their whole-of-life, the higher your power savings and shorter your payback period will be.

This is why choosing quality solar panels is the key to maximising your solar investment. Good solar panels will generate maximum power and last for decades with very little degradation. On the other hand, cheaper solar panels may initially save you some money, but cost thousands of dollars in lost savings (and potential repairs) over the life of your system.

In our experience and testing, WINAICO solar panels represent the high quality you should expect in solar panels. They combine leading edge technology with exceptional manufacturing quality.

WINAICO solar panels:

  • Ensure a performance of at least 97% of rated performance in the first year, and annual power degradation no more than 0.7% in the following 24 years—which means they will keep efficiently producing free, green power for 25+ years.
  • Are rated to produce maximum power across a wide range of temperatures, which is important in South Australia’s extreme weather conditions.
  • Are built to withstand storms and other weather events with some of the strongest frames, glass and protective coatings on the market. This means they also look good for decades.
  • Are designed in Germany, manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in Taiwan and tested for microscopic faults during quality control.
  • Are supported locally with WINAICO Australia's head office in Sydney.

All of this adds up to why WINAICO back their products with the best solar panel warranty in Australia. You get a 25-year performance and product warranty, plus a two-year all-risk insurance policy, covering the cost of replacement. In the unlikely event of any issues with your WINAICO panels, we will lodge and handle your warranty claim for you.

Why choose NRG Solar as your winaico installer?

Our solar journey is a little different to most installers. We started as a solar repair and servicing company. Over the years, we witnessed thousands of poor solar installs. Some of them were due to lazy or inexperienced installers. Others were negligent and dangerous. The outcomes were generally expensive and disappointing for the owner. 

Today, as well as repairing orphaned systems, we have grown into South Australia’s leader in solar system design and installation. When we install your system, it is with uncompromised care and quality. From our ‘no surprises’ quoting process, to our turnkey installation service, to our after-install support, we take pride in being South Australia’s solar leader.

We are proud to be a WINAICO Platinum Partner. We have installed more than 12,000 WINAICO panels and are recognised by WINAICO for designing customer-focused solutions, doing quality installations and delivering exceptional service.

Best solar panel warranty in Australia

WINAICO are the only panels in Australia with a 2-year insurance policy against all risks, plus a 25-year product and performance warranty covering the cost of replacement.

performance warranty
25 years
all-risk insurance policy
2 years
product warranty
25 years
what our customers have to say

6.27kW Solar System in Brighton, SA

In 2018, NRG Solar had the pleasure of installing a solar system at Finn & Chantel Peacock’s property in Brighton. We installed 22 x Winaico panels with a Fronius Primo 5.0-1 Inverter.

Those in the solar industry would be familiar with Finn. He is the founder of national solar quoting company Solar Quotes. Solar Quotes exists to provide unbiased advice about solar to end users and provide them with a network of reputable solar companies to obtain quotes from. We are proud to be included in Solar Quotes selective network of installers and even more so to be rated in their Top 10 installers nationally! And to be selected for Finn’s own property definitely fills us with pride.

NRG Solar consultant, Dean, met with the couple in order to assess what was the best solution for the property. Finn and Chantel were sold on Winaico panels, and they had no hesitation in choosing NRG Solar to install them. Being in Brighton and close to the coastline, Winaico panels were a good choice for this home as they are particularly durable, and designed to withstand harsh weather conditions.

We asked Finn why he chose NRG Solar when he has access to a network of over 300 installers to choose from.

“NRG are a local SA company, who are very professional and offer excellent service and great products”. Finn said he was “extremely happy with the very neat installation.”