Solar mounting System

Solar Mounting System

Founded in 1968 Germany, SCHLETTER is the largest solar mounting manufacturer in the world and their products are designed to withstand all weather conditions from the everyday to the extreme plus come in an anodised black finish. They're dedicated to constantly improving upon durability, safety, sustainability and quality and so SCLETTER is your trusted solar mounting solution.

As part of their painstaking quality control they only use the highest quality steel and aluminium for their products, SCHLETTER have a 20-micron finish whilst also being able to reduce material whilst improving upon stability, a win-win.

SCHLETTER covers all mounting needs and requirements from not just railing but roof hooks, seam clamps and sheet connectors, additional accessories is delivered to us with a universal drill piece to secure and fix it all.

Specifically designed to combat inclement weather on any terrain, SCHLETTER's mounting structures can withstand the harshest conditions - storm strength winds, torrential rain, excessive snow-loads, sandstorms, or even earthquakes - a warranty guarantee of 25 years.

Australian weather is known for having harsh UV ratings and fluctuations of dry and wet snaps, so for anything on your roof it would need to be robust.

Universal clamp modules covering heights from 30-47mm that require no feeding and can be locked in anywhere. Kliplock brackets that are interchangeable across Classic (406) and High Strength (700) all whilst requiring only a single TORX40 drill bit to mount it all! SCHLETTER railing can be secured

Their philosophy is a holistic one encompassing material selection, structural integrity, and environmental impact; solutions that reflect the balancing of affordability, safety and sustainability

SCHLETTER's products and warranties are all easily accessible on their website in downloadable .pdfs should you want to read more about the system that holds up your solar.

Premium quality, High Durability and Structually Safe

SCHLETTER is Peace of Mind

25 Year Warranty

Same warranty period as any quality panel on the market, keeping everything in unison

Built Different

SCHLETTER products are built to withstand even the most extreme of weather and climates

All in One

SCHLETTER is assembled using only their own products and tools ensuring 100% quality control

All Roofing Solution

Built for all conceivable roof and tile types

We are a SCHLETTER Partner

When you use SCHLETTER Mounting Systems with NRG Solar, you are in safe hands.

SCHLETTER offers comprehensive risk management for many and all solar companies, they are the most recognised solar mounting system in the world. At NRG Solar so we trust SCHLETTER like you trust us.

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WHY WE use Scheletter

Our solar journey is a little different to most installers. We started as a solar repair and servicing company. Over the years, we witnessed thousands of poor solar installs and hundreds of DIY railing. Some of them were due to lazy or inexperienced installers. Others were negligent and dangerous. The outcomes were generally expensive and disappointing for the owner. 

Today, as well as repairing orphaned systems, we have grown into South Australia’s leader in solar system design and installation. When we install your system, it is with uncompromised care and quality. From our ‘no surprises’ quoting process, to our turnkey installation service, to our after-install support, we take pride in being South Australia’s solar leader.

We are proud to be a Schletter Partner. NRG Solar have completed more than 10,000 installs using Schletters railing system and have recognised for ensuring quality service and system longevity with their products.

Best Railing In The Industry

years in the Industry
50+ years
All Weather Durability
20-micron finish
product warranty
25 years