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For more than 7 years, NRG Solar has been repairing and installing tailored solar panel systems and battery solutions for Adelaide homes and businesses. Gain peace of mind with South Australia's caring solar experts guiding you on your solar journey.

Match your home and energy usage to the right size system for you.

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When NRG Solar began in Adelaide in 2014, our initial mission was to repair and service solar panel systems for customers who had purchased from companies that were no longer in business.

We filled an important need by providing expert qualified solar technicians in an industry that often attracted unreliable operators.

Today, NRG Solar is the trusted provider and installer of tailored solar solutions for Adelaide and South Australia.

We believe that creating your own clean, renewable energy should be one of the most exciting and meaningful investments you ever make. That's why we are here to make your solar journey easy and rewarding.

NRG Solar quickly earned a national reputation for providing expert solar panel system service and support.

In the process of fixing failed and underperforming systems, we observed the results of previous installers who had been poorly trained, unaware of safe work practices and, oftentimes, plain lazy.

We also came across many failing inverters. As a consequence of doing hundreds of repair jobs every year, we quickly learned which products were the best performers and which installation techniques were safest and most reliable.

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NRG solar 5 star reviews in adelaide
NRG solar 5 star reviews in adelaide
Brett leikas
10kw system + Tesla powerwall

Extremely happy with the service NRG provided with our solar install. Right from the initial consultation to the communication before, during and after final installation the service has been excellent. Eddy and the team and have done a great job and I would recommend NRG to anyone looking at getting a solar system.

NRG solar 5 star reviews in adelaide
Wayne Trezise
13kw system

NRG have provided outstanding service with both selection choices, new build consultation, installation flexibility due to builder delays and smoothly expedited installation. They also have provided wonderful service after the install with software setup and monitoring. Have used other company before and I highly recommend Michael Summers at NRG to everyone I know. I have had the 13kw 3phase Fronius system in place now for 18 months now and it is terrific.

NRG solar 5 star reviews in adelaide
Julie Tomlinson
5.3kw system

Darren thoroughly went through all aspects for consideration. Kept informed throughout the whole process. Submitted all the required paperwork on our behalf. Installation team were excellent, clean, efficient, explained the system in detail and set up phone app, after service has also been great, nice people, great company highly recommend. The system is good quality and amazing.

Solar panels & solutions we proudly install in Adelaide

For your peace of mind, we have travelled the globe to source the optimal solar panels, inverters and battery solutions for South Australian conditions.

Years of experience fixing other companies' failed systems, coupled with our own in-house testing stations and a proven track record of customer satisfaction, is why we can confidently tailor a solution that produces the best, lasting results for your Adelaide home or business.

We use only high-quality components combined with the latest, most efficient technologies. This is how we guarantee you maximum return on your investment and solutions that stand the test of time.

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Good vs bad solar panels: what’s the difference?

South Australia’s sunny weather is perfect for efficient solar power generation. However, our harsh climate puts extreme demands on solar panels. Many solar panels are simply not designed for Adelaide's weather challenges.

Cheaper panels may deteriorate more quickly and react adversely. As a result, they may fail or lose power output.

When curating our panel selection, we consider:

    •   Where the panels are designed and for which climatic conditions
    •    Where and how the panels are manufactured
    •    Panel efficiency, taking into consideration the size of each individual panel
    •    Performance warranties

Not surprisingly, only a small number of panels meet our criteria, as well as cater to a range of budgets and aesthetics.

Our panels are sourced from reputable suppliers who have a proven track record and many years in business. We also only work with suppliers who reliably honour warranty claims and replacements.

As you can see, price is not the only factor when choosing the right panel.


All too often, we hear horror stories about discounted solar panels that were bought over the phone, only to have the installer add a list of extra charges at the time of installation.

At NRG Solar, there are no surprises. Before we formulate a detailed quote, we check off a comprehensive list of items (see below.) We also insist on a site inspection for your peace of mind.

While modern aerial imaging makes remote quoting possible, a site visit allows us to inspect features of your property, such as shadowing from trees, panel positioning, and where best to locate your inverter and/or battery system.

When considering solar, here is a checklist of questions to help guide your investment:

    •    Do you conduct a free site visit at my home/business or do you only quote over the phone?
    •    Are there any site factors (trees etc.) that may affect the performance of my system?
    •    Do I need to upgrade my meter?
    •    What will the panels look like on my roof?
    •    What information do you need in order to analyse my system requirements and calculate the payback period? (Generally, at least two previous electricity bills, but four is better to show any seasonal effects).
    •    Why do you recommend the system you have suggested? Please explain how it meets my needs.
    •    What factors have you considered when recommending this option?
    •    How much will I save on my electricity bills?
    •    What is the payback period? (The length of time required to recover your investment in terms of electricity bill savings.)
    •    Do I qualify for any rebates, feed-in tariff, or incentive schemes?
    •    Do you handle the paperwork?
    •    Where are your solar panels manufactured? (Get the answer in writing.)
    •    Can I expand the system or add battery storage later, if I don’t add it now?
    •    What are your terms of warranty? (Length and scope, products and workmanship—get it in writing.)
    •    Can I please have a list of previous customers to speak with?
    •    What are my payment options?
    •    How do your finance products work?
    •    What after-sales support and maintenance services do you offer?   
    •    How long have you been in business?
    •    Is your quote a fixed price quote? (This is important!)
    •    Does the system come with solar monitoring?
    •    Will the solution be compliant under SA Smarter Homes requirements?


The solar solution you choose will have both immediate and far-reaching effects on your power costs, which is why it should be a considered investment.

But unfortunately, not all solar providers make it easy for you to understand their quote or allow you to easily compare pricing.

One of the biggest indications of quality is price. Reputable industry experts recommend that you should pay no less than roughly $1000-$1400 per kilowatt for a quality solar power system.

If your quote is lower than $1000/kW, it is a possible indication that the provider is cutting corners. They may be compromising on the quality of components (panels, inverter, racking, isolators) or labour, or a combination of both.

The best advice is to steer clear of cheap deals. We base this recommendation on years of experience repairing thousands of discount systems installed by other companies.

In many cases, the products were not designed for Australian conditions and/or the customer was left with the results of poor workmanship and no after-sales support. This is why cheap solar deals often end up being a case of “buy cheap, buy twice”.

Another red flag is package deals. Some solar companies promote ‘one size fits all’ solutions. This allows the provider to improve their profit margin by buying in bulk. It does not necessarily result in the best deal for the customer.

Getting a correctly sized system to suit your energy needs, your property, and savings objectives is the key to making the most out of your solar investment.

At NRG Solar, we always start with your objectives in mind. We begin by clearly understanding your motivations for going solar and what you aim to achieve. We take time to review your past energy consumption patterns and power bills. We make sure we understand your plans for your home now and into the future.

Once we have a clear picture of your circumstances, we then design a tailored solution to achieve your aims.

We are one of the largest installers of residential and business solar in South Australia and our reputation is built on high-performing, lasting solutions. In fact, more than one-third of the installs we do come from word-of-mouth recommendations from our customers.

As a family-owned and operated Adelaide business, we are especially proud of being local, like you!

What about tier 1 solar panels?

‘Tier One’ is a term created by Bloomberg New Energy Finance Corporation to describe the financial stability of solar panel manufacturers. It does not rank the panel’s efficiency or performance.

It equates to little more than empty marketing. In our experience, you should avoid companies who focus on ‘Tier One’ in their sales and advertising.

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How to avoid a solar nightmare

There are lots of reasons you could be left out of pocket and wondering what went wrong with your solar purchase.  

We've seen it all. Installers who have gone out of business. Countless installations that used inferior products. Systems that were poorly installed or were just plain unsafe.

In the process of fixing failed and underperforming systems, we witnessed the work of inadequately trained installers. We saw the results of unsafe work practices and laziness.

NRG Solar customers benefit from all of these learnings. We know which products are apt to fail, which will stand the test of time, and which to avoid at all costs!

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It is our mission to make your solar journey positive and stress-free. At every step, you will be in the care of our friendly Adelaide-based team of solar experts.

From our solar consultants, who are highly experienced in the design of systems, to our specialist solar electrician installers and after-install support technicians, you are always in safe, caring hands.

You have the added peace of mind that every residential and commercial installation comes with a dedicated account manager. This ensures quick and easy communications and a smooth process from start to finish.

We are local, just like you

Looking for solar panels Adelaide? Book a free, no obligation on-site consultation with a solar expert. We'll meet with you to discuss your energy needs, conduct a site inspection and create a tailored recommendation to suit your home or business.

Alternatively, visit our showroom in Richmond for a product demonstration. Compare panels, inverters, batteries and other component with the help of our friendly, trusted team.

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