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Why choose a payment plan with NRG?

  • Quality solar is no longer out of reach
  • Pay in instalments
  • Slash your power bills immediately
  • Your power bill savings help to pay for solar
  • Premium solar for max return on investment
  • Clean, green, free power for years and years

Get your NRG Solar system installed now with no deposit

Fact: Many NRG Solar customers have zeroed their power bills!

It means they have the option of using their heating and cooling, clothes dryer and other appliances all year-round without worrying about their electricity bill.

Benefits of using NRG payment plans for your solar

Break the payment into instalments

Choose between fortnightly or monthly repayments

Turn 'Maybe later' into 'Now'

Would a payment plan suit you?

Financing solar gives you more control and options for how and when you pay. For example:
  • You know solar makes sense, but you don't want to invest a chunk of your savings right now
  • You are tired of paying retail power bills for carbon-based electricity when you know you could be generating free, clean energy from your rooftop
  • You've done your research and want a quality system that is going to supply your energy needs for decades to come

The NRG Solar Premium Package

Our premium solar packages use only top quality components, including Fronius inverter with Fronius Smart Meter, WINAICO solar panels and Clenergy racking.

NRG Solar Premium solar panel and battery

Calculate your savings

Use our calculator to find out which premium NRG Solar package would be suited to your home. You will be able to see how much you can expect to save based on your current power bills.
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What is the best way to pay for solar: cash or finance?

Some customers pay with cash and other with credit or finance. The choice comes down to your preference. We have no deposit, finance available. With up to 120 month terms, you can pay for your solar with your power bill savings. Using finance can be a good way to get into solar sooner or to keep your cash savings in the bank. Request a free on-site quote and we'll talk you through the payment options.

Quality starts with quality products

Fronius inverter & Smart meter

Fronius inverters are rated the #1 solar inverter in Australia. They are renowned for  efficiency, reliability and longevity, with Fronius having more than 80 years of experience in power transfer equipment.

The Fronius Smart Meter gives you complete visibility over energy management at your property. From the monitoring app on your phone, tablet or PC, you can see your solar production, property consumption and power you buy and sell from the grid. This information helps you make smarter choices about your energy use and provides complete peace of mind that your system is running optimally.

WINAICO panels

WINAICO has a global reputation for manufacturing high quality solar panels. They offer one of the best industry warranties with 25-year product and 25-year performance warranties. In addition, WINAICO solar panels come with a unique two-year insurance policy.

Why choose NRG Solar?

NRG Solar is a fronius solutions partner plus
Fronius company logo
NRG solar logo

There are only nine in Australia and we are proudly the only Fronius Solutions Partner in South Australia. But what does this mean for you?

We have been selected by Fronius as a preferred partner because we have a proven track record working with Fronius products, from choosing the best products for our customers' needs, to outstanding after-sales service, to future-proofing solar systems for the demands of tomorrow.

Firstly, you'll get a better warranty.
NRG Solar customers get a 10-year warranty instead of 5 years, as standard.

Secondly, we are accredited to repair your Fronius inverter on-site.
Without this accreditation, other solar companies would need to ship the equipment back to the factory for any servicing or repairs. Meanwhile, your hard-working solar panels would be producing free electricity, but with no means to convert it into usable power. Not good! With NRG Solar, you have less down time and more savings.

Thirdly, you have the ultimate peace of mind.
When you choose to work with South Australia's only Fronius Solutions Partner Plus, you get all the benefits above, plus guaranteed safe, compliant installation to Australian Standards.

nrg solar is a winaico premium partner
Win Aico company logo
NRG solar logo

WINAICO chooses their partners carefully, ensuring their product is only installed by reputable solar service providers. Our relationship with WINAICO is a testament to our commitment to quality installs, attention to detail, and our pledge to customer satisfaction each and every time.

When you choose NRG Solar to install your WINAICO panels, you get more bang for your buck. More uptime, more support, and better warranties to fall back on.

What's more, we do all the paperwork for you.

we're not your average solar company

Our story is different because we started out as a solar repair service. We fixed other companies' poor work and replaced their inferior products. In the process, we learned what works and what doesn't. We also witnessed the dangers and disappointment that can result when solar isn't installed properly.

Today, as well as repairing orphaned systems, we are proud to be Adelaide's leader in solar power system design and installation.

Given our background, it's no surprise that we use only reliable, high-quality solar power and battery storage products. In fact, the products we recommend have undergone more than 600,000 hours of testing in our own test lab and interactive showroom in Richmond.

As well as passing our tests for South Australia's gruelling weather conditions, the products we use come with world-class performance ratings and warranties, all for your peace of mind and to maximise your investment returns.

all this, plus the most competitive pricing

Join more than 3000 happy NRG Solar customers who have already slashed their power bills and taken control of their energy needs.

Sam & Sarah from Torrensville

Sam and Sarah were able to slash their electricity bills from $600 a quarter, to $200 in credit with their NRG Solar solution. If you want to see what solar can do for you, talk to NRG Solar and let us crunch the numbers for you.
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