12.4kW Solar + Battery System - Summertown

September 13, 2022

How much did you know about solar before you came to NRG?

"We had done some research on how solar works and the different products and brands that are around in the industry, but it was a very base level of knowledge. What we loved was having our Solar Consultant Michael, run through all the products that NRG offers and the reasons for backing these brands.

Michael explained everything to us in plain English so we felt informed and comfortable with our purchases. But what really sold us was the ‘non push’ approach. We felt as though we were shown our options and could make our decision from there. This was fantastic by NRG Solar. "

The Motivation

"We really just wanted to cut down on our power bill’s. Everything in our house pretty much runs off electricity, so our quarterly electricity bill was getting out of control. We have a pump on the property to pump bore water out of the ground that is now powered by solar. We very much feel these reasons have been met. Our summer power bill was in credit which was fantastic."

The Solution

• 40x Winaico WST-310 watt panels

• 1 x 12.5kW Fronius Symo Dual Tracker 3-Phase

Other Equipment:
• Clenergy racking and rails

The Result

"Before solar our quarterly bills were in the ball park of $3,000. After solar, during summer we were in credit!"

How was the whole NRG experience?

"The experience was smooth and easy. We were informed throughout the whole process, from office staff to installers. The actual install process was fantastic, the installers were neat and clean."

"The solar monitoring is fantastic, I can see exactly how I use my power. I was a little obsessed with it to start off with, but it is a really good tool to gauge power consumption."

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