11.88kW Solar System - Glenelg East

September 13, 2022

About Matt & Michelle

Matt & Michelle of Glenelg East were last year’s highest bidders for NRG Solar at the Variety SA Radiothon, taking home a 11kW Winaico, Fronius & Clenergy system.

Matt & Michelle are quite high energy consumers. They have a pool which requires heating, and they are big fans of the air conditioner in their home. In Matt’s words, “[their] house is always seasonably comfortable.” And so it should be! When you buy a house, and all of these great appliances, you want to be able to use them without having to worry about the next bill!

Once Matt & Michelle won the highest bid on this system, NRG Solar Consultant, Michael, went out to the home to do a site inspection and design. Once the design and all other aspects of the solar installation were approved to go ahead, Matt & Michelle were well on their way to producing their own, clean, green energy right from their rooftop!

The System

  • 36 x Winaico WST M6 330 Panels
  • 1 x Fronius Symo 10 Dual Tracker 3-Phase Inverter
  • Clenergy racking

Install Day

On the day of install, some of the NRG and Variety SA team went out to Matt & Michelle’s home to gift them their brand new solar system.

Some of the NRG Solar and VarietySA team with Matt

10 Months On

Almost 1 year later and Matt & Michelle can definitely see the impact of their solar on their pockets!

They have halved their power bills. From a $1100 bill for the July-October 2020 quarter, to a $550 bill for the same quarter this year!

From our evaluations of their bills, we can see that the couple have saved approximately $2750 since they had the system installed 10 months ago.

Bill Comparison 2020-2021

The couple mentioned that they have also changed their daily habits in order to increase their self-sufficiency and maximise their savings. How? Well, they now run both their pool and solar pump throughout daylight hours. And with no worries about the bills, Matt said he now has “a super clean pool” – bonus!
They also now delay their dishwasher and washing machine in order to operate when the suns out. But the big one, Matt says, is they now run their reverse cycle air conditioner during the day, so that it is temperature controlled for the night-time too.

Matt & Michelle's closing thoughts...

"Very satisfied customers and certainly recommend NRG!"

A wonderful result for NRG Solar, Matt & Michelle and for our SA kids in need who benefit from the fantastic work Variety SA do!

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