13.2kW Solar System - Whites Valley

September 13, 2022

The Background

The Cameron's own a vineyard in South Australia. On the property is a large home, work-shed and bores running during the day and throughout the night, so electricity is constantly required on the property. As you could imagine - the bills can rack up pretty quickly!

A fantastic benefit of living on a vineyard (apart from easy access to wine) is the amount of space available. So the Cameron's decided that getting solar installed was a no-brainer.

The Cameron's decided to get the solar installed on the shed - this area was constantly exposed to the sun throughout the day, unobstructed from any buildings, trees or anything to cause shading. A perfect install location!

The Equipment Installed

  • 40 x Jinko 330W Panels
  • 1 x Fronius Symo Inverter
  • Clenergy racking and rails
40 x Jinko panels
40 x Jinko Panels

What happened next?

After an NRG Solar consultant assessed the site, they designed and subsequently installed a 13.2kW. With this size system, Brian is looking at savings of over $5,800 a year on his electricity bills. That equates to a reduction of 11,245kg of Co2 a year - what a great financial and environmental win.

The Result

"I had no idea just how economical a solar installation would be!"

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