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Battery storage
September 13, 2022

What was your motivation to get solar?

"Initially the main motivation for the installation was for the financial benefits. We were getting high quarterly power bills and knew that this was just money down the drain. So we thought we needed to do something about it. NRG Solar has forecasted a saving of over $1,400 per quarter!"

How has the installation of solar changed how you use your power?

"Since the installation of solar we have become so much more in tune with our daily power consumption. We don't just chuck on the dishwasher after a day of dirty dishes - we set a timer and put it on during the day and let our solar system power it for us."

How have you found Tesla Powerwall?

"We 100% endorse the use of battery storage. We installed a battery onto our solar system in order to capture the excess power our system was producing. We wanted to keep that energy to power our house at night, without having to purchase it back from the grid and make ourselves energy independent. It is pretty cool to know that any power we use in our house is ours. We are using clean, FREE energy and are independent from the grid!"

The Equipment Installed

  • 40 x Winaico 325W Solar Panels
  • 2 x Fronius Primo 3 Phase Inverters
  • 2 x Tesla Powerwall
40 x Winaico 325W Panels

Is that a Tesla charging station I see?

"That's right! We can now charge our car with excess power from our solar system, so essentially free petrol. In fact, we have two properties with charging stations in each, so we can drive between each with a 0% carbon footprint!"

The Result

"Fantastic company. This is the second installation that NRG Solar has done for me and has gone without a hiccup!"

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