4.6kW Solar System - Modbury North

September 13, 2022

The Back Story

Lindsay and Raelene came across NRG Solar through a radio advertisement, promoting a solar panel clean and service. Whilst one of our solar consultants was at their house, Realene asked the question about putting up some more panels and if it would be worth it.

After a consultation with our sales consultant Darren, who looked at their past few electricity bills, their energy consumption and the power the existing panels were providing, Darren designed a system tailored to Lindsay and Raelene's needs.

What was the motivation to get solar?

The motivation that pushed Lindsay and Raelene to go solar was a large electricity bill they received a few years ago. They have a reasonable sized house, with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, air-con and heating. Given Lindsay and Raelene were getting close to retirement, they knew now was the time to go solar to financially secure their bills in the future.

Our consultant estimated yearly savings of over $1,900 with the upgrade of their solar system.

The Equipment Installed

  • 14 x Sunpower Panels
  • Fronius Inverter

The Result

"Excellent service - firstly from Darren Vonthethoff who as our first point of service, explained in full detail the product we were purchasing - follow up service by NRG customer service and then on the day was very professional. And to the solar technicians who installed our system Jordan and Liam - thank you."
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