4.95kW Solar System - Port Elliot

September 13, 2022

Trend is your friend...

Glenn had been living in his house for about 10 years before he decided to go solar. He started to notice a trend in his neighbourhood that everyone in the street was getting solar panels installed so he spoke to his neighbours and asked how their systems were performing. Once he heard about the financial benefits of solar and being energy independent he got a referral and gave NRG a call.

The process

From there, our solar consultant, Dean, came for a home visit. He did some inspecting of the roof space, orientation and some analysis of Glenn's energy consumption and determined that a 4.96kW system would be perfect for Glenn.

This would be sufficient to cover Glenn's energy usage as well as exporting extra power back to the grid and save over $2,400 a year.

The Equipment Installed

  • 18 x Jinko Panels
  • 1 x Fronius Inverter
18 x Jinko Panels

The Result

"From day 1 in contacting NRG I have received friendly advice from everyone involved. From Dean Rodda who prompted me to take up the offer, from Hayley and Taylah in the office who are always there in a very happy, friendly way and from the installers, Dan, Courtney and Joe. These guys were fantastic, under dreadful weather conditions, got the job done in quick time with no damage done to the tiled roof. Dan instructed me how to use the inverter and installed the Wi-Fi app on my tablet. I would recommend this company to anyone."

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