5.13kW Solar System - Encounter Bay

September 13, 2022

The Back Story

Annie had just moved into the beautiful coastal town of Encounter Bay. She didn't know much about solar but was really interested in learning about how it all works and the products that would be right for her. Our solar consultant Michael went out to her home for a coffee and a chat. After having a few days to evaluate all the information, and after receiving a couple more quotes from other companies, Annie decided that NRG Solar's tailored solution was the best for her.

The System

Annie's consumption was fairly modest so it was important to size the system according to her needs. Annie had 2-Phase power in the home, so she was fitted with a Fronius Single Phase Inverter but a 3 Phase Smart Meter for export limiting. Living by the coast, Winaico panels were perfect for Annie, as these come with a special coating on the frame that avoids weather corrosion.

The Equipment Installed

  • 18 x Winaico 285W Panels
  • Fronius Primo 5.0 Single Phase Dual Tracker Inverter
  • 3-phase Fronius Smart Meter
Fronius Primo 5.0 Single Phase Dual Tracker Inverter

The Result

"Very happy with installation. Tradesmen arrived exactly on time, worked constantly and didn't leave any mess. Impressed with contact form NRG prior to install, keeping me up to date on what was happening."

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