5kW Battery System - Bordertown

Battery storage
September 13, 2022

The existing solar system...

Pieter and Jenine live in Bordertown and had an existing 5kW system installed. While the solar had been performing well and they were receiving roughly $200 credit per quarter for their export power - they were still paying around $400 for their quarterly electricity bills.

The Bordertown couple were interested in battery storage for quite some time, but were hanging out for the SA Home Battery Scheme to come into play in order to make it a financially feasible option.

What was the challenge?

Pieter and Jenine were ready for installation as soon as possible, getting one of our certified installers out to Bordertown as soon as possible with the high demand of SA Home Battery Scheme installations was limiting.

What was the solution?

NRG Solar engaged one of our contractors who works in rural areas of South Australia to get out to Bordertown with a 5 week turnaround.

The equipment installed

  • Tesla Powerwall

The Result

"My experience with NRG Solar was fantastic. From the excellent quote they gave me for my home battery system, to replies to all my queries - no matter how insignificant. I spoke and dealt with a number of staff at NRG and, without fail, they were friendly and knowledgeable. Everything happened at the times and dates they said it would. The actual installation went smoothly and the technicians were there on time and the system explained well before they left. It has worked well since then."
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