SolarQuotes + NRG Solar // 6.27kW Solar System - Brighton

September 13, 2022

The Customer

In 2018, NRG Solar had the pleasure of installing a solar system at Finn & Chantel Peacock’s property in Brighton. We installed 22 x WINAICO panels with a Fronius Primo 5.0-1 Inverter

Those in the Solar industry would be familiar with Finn Peacock. He is the founder of national solar quoting company SolarQuotes. SolarQuotes exists to provide unbiased advice about solar to end users and provide them with a network of reputable solar companies to obtain quotes from.

We are proud to be included in SolarQuotes selective network of installers and even more so to be rated in their Top 10 installers nationally! And to be selected for Finn’s own property definitely fills us with pride.

Finn Peacock and NRG Solar Consultant, Dean

NRG Solar consultant, Dean, met with the couple in order to assess what was the best solution for the property. Finn and Chantel were sold on WINAICO panels, and they had no hesitation in choosing NRG Solar to install them. Being in Brighton and close to the coastline, WINAICO panels were the best choice for this home as they are particularly durable, and designed to withstand harsh weather conditions.

The Equipment Installed

  • 22 x WINAICO Solar Panels
  • 1 x Fronius Primo Inverter

The Result

“NRG are a local SA company, who are very professional and offer excellent service and great products”. Finn said he was “extremely happy with the very neat installation.”

NRG Solar + SolarQuotes

Since the inception of NRG Solar, we have had a fantastic relationship with Finn Peacock and the SolarQuotes team. Finn often comes to the NRG HQ in Richmond to work on collaborative projects, and film segments for SolarQuotes TV. Here are some of the projects that NRG have worked on with the team at SolarQuotes.

Finn Peacock and Solar Quotes team filming on the rooftop of NRG HQ

SolarQuotes TV: Home battery debate - Are solar batteries worth it?

SolarQuotes chose Eddy May, NRG Solar Managing Director, to take on SolarQuotes blogger, Ronald Brakels, in a debate on the true worth of solar batteries.

SolarQuotes TV: Supplier Spotlight - Installer profile on NRG Solar

6:47 - Eddy May chats about the history of NRG Solar, his advice to solar buyers and more.

SolarQuotes TV: NRG Solar Testing Station - String vs Micro-Inverters

3:17 –  It’s been a long-held view across much of the industry that microinverters are better than string inverters in relation to panel shading issues. Sam Craft, NRG Solar Director & Operations Manager, chats with Finn Peacock about the testing station and the conclusions we drew from it. Watch the testing unfold here or read our blog post here.

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