6.3kW Solar + Battery System - Hope Valley

Battery storage
September 13, 2022

What was your motivation to get solar?

"Bill shock! We were paying about $500 per quarter and wanted to take control of our power bills. We knew that there was going to be an upfront cost with a solar installation, however the long-term benefits far outweighed this."

The Equipment Installed

  • 20 x Jinko 315w Panels
  • 5kW Redback Hybrid Inverter

How are the bills looking now?

"Pretty good! They have dropped from $500 a quarter down to $100 a quarter! My wife and I are both retired, so we spend a large amount of time at home, so this was a fantastic investment for our future."

What is the best part of the system?

"The Redback app - it is such an awesome feature that came with our installation. The Redback app provides awesome visibility, it allows me to see how charged my battery is and how long I would have power for in the case of a blackout."

The Result

"NRG were great. Very happy with the service."

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