6.4kW Solar System - Craigburn Farm

Battery storage
September 13, 2022

The motivation

"We had always been considering a solar system and we found out from a colleague about the new technology that Redback had created with their Hybrid battery storage inverter and it seemed like a fantastic fit. After we did our research and found out what rebates were available, we thought we might as well start cutting down our power bills!"

Why this system?

"Solar was always on the cards for us, however the aesthetics were always a barrier to purchase. When SunPower released their P19 range with all black frames and a very sleek design, we realised these perfectly paired with our black tin roof. We are very pleased with the look of the installation and now we are excited to see the associated savings."

The Equipment Installed

  • 20 x SunPower P19 Series 325W Panels
  • 1 x 5kW Redback Hybrid Inverter
Redback Hybrid Inverter

What is your favourite part of the system?

"Definitely the Redback app. It really makes you more aware of your power consumption and there is just such great visibility of how much power you are using."

The Result

"The install was smooth, the process in the office was great. I was kept informed of all processes throughout the whole journey."

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