6.84kW Solar + Battery System - Seaford

Battery storage
September 13, 2022

The Customer Journey

Mark moved over to Adelaide from the United Kingdom just over ten years ago. Ever since the move to sunny South Australia, he had always liked the idea of going solar. Mark was also interested in battery storage and after hearing about the SA Home Battery Scheme, he thought there wouldn't be a better time to purchase a system. He has family come to visit and is an entertainer running a spa and bar fridge.

The Solution

After sending one of our solar consultants, Dean, out on site to do some analysis of roof space, roof orientation and energy consumption, it was determined that a 6.84kW system paired with a Redback Hybrid System would be suitable for Mark's needs.

The Equipment Installed

  • 24 x 285W Panels
  • 1 x Redback Hybrid Inverter with monitoring and blackout protection

The Result

"Really happy with the service that NRG Solar provided. The solar consultant, Dean, talked me through the options, and the Redback Hybrid System really appealed to me as I liked that it was an all-in-one system. The fact that it was available under the SA Home Battery Scheme meant that it was affordable for me to get solar and battery. Excited to see the change in my energy bills next quarter!"
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