Churchill Centre North - Kilburn, 300kW System

September 13, 2022

Project Overview

The Churchill Centre North collaborated with NRG Solar and our partner Enerven to install an Embedded Network in the Centre with 300kW of Solar Generation.

The objective was to enable tenants of the Centre to access cheaper electricity while providing additional revenue streams for the Centre owners. With further development planned for the future, Churchill Centre North required a system design that could accommodate that future expansion, as well as making financial sense for their current situation.

The Challenge

To minimise disruption to the Centre's normal operation, and to get all panels, racking and equipment craned onto the centre roof with safety as the highest priority. Specialist Engineering consultants were engaged to unsure safe rooftop zones were established and that all roofs were suitable for the additional loads of Solar.

The Solution

• 966 x Winaico WST-310 watt panels

• 9 x 27kW Fronius Echo
• 3 x 12.5kW Fronius Symo

Other Equipment:
• SunLock mounting system
• Solar Analytics Monitoring
• Network Protection Units x 3
• 3 x Custom Inverter Awnings

The Result

NRG Solar installed three x 100kW Solar Systems within a four week time frame, with no disruption to Centre operations. The solution provided by NRG Solar and Enerven achieved all the project objectives and the system is performing at the expected output.

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