Sarah Constructions Solar Energy Pod - 11.88kW System

September 13, 2022

Project Overview

NRG Solar were asked to team up with Sarah Constructions recently, in order to design and build a solar system on a shipping container that would be used to supplement the power to the administration office at the Whyalla Secondary College construction site.

The Motive

The idea behind this project was to promote sustainability in the building industry, even if it's starting in a small way. Shipping containers are commonly used on constructions sites so the idea from Sarah Constructions - Project Manager, Melisha Willington, was to utilise these common materials in a way that would not only be beneficial to one specific site, but also in presenting a new way to think around building sustainably.

The conceptual drawing of the self-sustained shipping container

The Solution

• 36 x Winaico WST-330 watt panels

• 2 x Fronius Primo Inverter

Other Equipment:
• Solar Analytics Monitoring

The Savings

The Solar Energy Pod is estimated to save the Sarah Constructions team over $5000/year on electricity costs at this site. The pod will reduce Co2 emissions by 9877kg annually - which is equivalent to planting 150 trees every year.

Another great perk of this particular construction is that as it is a shipping container, all of the components can be easily packed up and transported when needed. Therefore it is a reusable and practical solution for construction sites.

You can read Sarah Constructions' article on the project here.

The Outcome

“NRG were professional, passionate and couldn’t do more in sharing their knowledge and experience. NRG really understood the brief and were instrumental in delivering a fit for purpose solution.” - Melisha Willington, Sarah Constructions

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