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Trina Solar Panels

Trina Solar have been a global solar panel provider and manufacture since their inception in 1997. At NRG Solar we stock their largest output product line panel, the Vertex S+ series.

Trinas research and development team is constantly focused on innovating more output without increasing size which has led to their success in creating 1/3 cut cells and a bifacial line of products. Other mentions include include their N-type coating that allows light to enter rather than reflect off the glass of their panels

Their accolades as a premium product can be found in their global breakthroughs with 25 world records since 2011 for silicon cell efficiency and solar module power output. Trina are also the the first PV company globally to receive the UL Client Test data program certification.

A home mention is the teaming up of Trina with The Australian National University, to achieve a 24.4 percent maximum conversion efficiency for N-type mono cells which are now found in all N-type cells across the industry. This provides the innovative and pioneering Trina drives to achieve with their products.

Premium quality, performance and support

You can bet on Trina

BEST product and Power WARRANTy

Product warranty of 25 years and 30 years of power warranty

Built for Endurance

Trina panels have the least production fall off than any competitor

More Tech, Same Size

Innovative technology allowing more production without increasing panel size

BiFacial modules

Subtly blend your panels in with your roof without sacrifice to performance.

We are a proud Trina Partner

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Why do we recommend Trina solar panels?

Solar panels are the powerhouse of your solar power system. Their photovoltaic cells convert energy from the sun into electricity. Therefore, the more power your panels produce each sunlight hour and over their whole-of-life, the higher your power savings and shorter your payback period will be.

This is why choosing quality solar panels is the key to maximising your solar investment. Good solar panels will generate maximum power and last for decades with very little degradation. On the other hand, cheaper solar panels may initially save you some money, but cost thousands of dollars in lost savings (and potential repairs) over the life of your system.

In our experience and testing, Trina solar panels represent the high quality you should expect in solar panels. They combine leading edge technology with exceptional manufacturing quality.

Trina solar panels:

  • Everlasting performance with aesthetics, Trinas panel performance only depreciates 0.4% per year ensuring that their performance will never dip below 90% across the lifespan of their 25 year warranty. Their all black modules add an appropriate addition to your systems look alongside it's performance.
  • 30 year power warranty ensures the array will never go below 90% efficiency.
  • Bifacial models allow you to subtly blend panels into the your roof, without sacrificing on output potential (440W) as well as the potential to recapture photons as they bounce back of the roof after having passed through.
  • Are supported locally with Trina having an Australian customer support line.

All of this adds up to why Trina back their products with the best solar panel warranty in Australia. You get a 25-year performance warranty, and 30-year power performance grantee. In the unlikely event of any issues with your Trina panels, we will lodge and handle your warranty claim for you.

Why choose NRG Solar as your Trina installer?

Our solar journey is a little different to most installers. We started as a solar repair and servicing company. Over the years, we witnessed thousands of poor solar installs. Some of them were due to lazy or inexperienced installers. Others were negligent and dangerous. The outcomes were generally expensive and disappointing for the owner. 

Today, as well as repairing orphaned systems, we have grown into South Australia’s leader in solar system design and installation. When we install your system, it is with uncompromised care and quality. From our ‘no surprises’ quoting process, to our turnkey installation service, to our after-install support, we take pride in being South Australia’s solar leader.

We are proud to be a Trina Partner. We have installed more than 10,000 Trina panels, and are recognised by Trina for designing customer-focused solutions, doing quality installations and delivering exceptional service.

Best Long Term Performance in Australia

Trina are one of the only panel manufacturers who's panels have a degradation less than the industry norm, out competing the average 0.55% year over year by achieving a 0.4% standard. Allowing your system to still be performing at 90% of it's original potential even after a quarter century.

performance warranty
30 years
High Output Bifacial
product warranty
25 years