Fronius GEN24

Fronius solutions partner plus
Fronius solutions partner plus

Fronius GEN24 Inverter

Energy giant Fronius continues to lead the way with their latest innovation in inverter technology, the Fronius GEN24. The GEN24 sets the new standard for inverter performance. It delivers even higher yields and faster profitability in a sustainably designed product that makes it the most environmentally-friendly inverter on the market.

Among a host of new features, one of the biggest game-changers is that the GEN24 inverter comes with an active cooling system. This means more performance and longevity in South Australia’s hot, harsh climate. Likewise, GEN24 also excels in the shade with built-in technology designed to optimise power yield. It also provides emergency backup power with or without a battery. 

NRG Solar is proud to have installed the first Fronius GEN24 inverter in Australia. Furthermore, we have tested and verified GEN24’s technical specifications in our own testing laboratory. We can confidently say that this inverter sets a new standard and delivers exactly what it promises!

choose from single-phase and three-phase inverters, sized from 3.0 to 10 kW

Fronius GEN24 provides excellent flexibility

primo gen24 & gen24 plus

Fronius Primo GEN24 is a versatile single-phase inverter for system sizes 3.0 to 6.0 kW. Active cooling, dynamic peak management and emergency backup power comes as standard. With the GEN24 Plus, a battery storage system can be added now or later.

Fronius Primo GEN24 Plus Datasheet

Fronius Primo GEN24 & GEN24 Plus Datasheet

Symo gen24 & gen24 plus

Fronius Primo GEN24 is a three-phase inverter for system sizes 3.0 to 10.0 kW. Like the Primo, active cooling, dynamic peak management and emergency backup power comes as standard. With the GEN24 Plus, a battery storage system can be added now or later.

Fronius Symo GEN24 Plus Datasheet

Fronius is leading the way in inverter technology

Fronius GEN24 represents the future of inverter technology

  1. Active cooling for South Australia's scorching summers
    Lower operating temperatures result in longer service life, higher power yields, lower maintenance costs, flexibility in the system design and more installation options.
  2. Emergency power backup with or without battery
    In the event of a network power outage, GEN24 will ensure basic backup power from a dedicated outlet or pair it with a battery storage system for full blackout protection.
  3. Excels in partial shade
    Dynamic peak management technology detects any shade on your solar panels and optimises power yield without needing additional components.
  4. Smart energy management maximises self-consumption
    Using self-generated power is the key to maximising your solar investment. GEN24 can intelligently control the flow of surplus energy to reduce your power costs, as well as simultaneously charge and discharge a solar battery.
  5. Remote monitoring and real-time reporting
    Smart monitoring helps you understand how you produce and use electricity in your home or business. By changing power use behaviours, you can achieve even bigger savings.
  6. Designed around sustainability
    The GEN24 is designed with the whole product life cycle in mind, from where and how components are made, packaged and shipped, to how they are recycled.
  7. Service and support that minimises downtime
    Fronius has thought of everything, from a sophisticated wall mounting system that makes installation and servicing a breeze, to home automation integrations. Got questions? Diagnostics can be conducted remotely to reduce system downtime.
  8. Faster profitability
    All of these features combine to maximise solar power generation and how you use it. In turn, this slashes you power bills, reduces the payback period and leads to a bigger, faster return on your solar investment.
  9. Double your Fronius warranty to 10 years
    NRG Solar customers get a 10-year warranty instead of the standard 5+5.
ADD battery storage for more energy independence

Fronius GEN24 Plus inverter + 
BYD Battery-Box

Do you want to eliminate your retail power bills and lighten your carbon load?

In testing against competitors, Fronius GEN24 Plus inverter when coupled with a BYD Battery-Box storage system delivers:

  1. 94% overall efficiency
  2. Highest self-consumption rate
  3. Fastest profitability

Fronius GEN24 + BYD Battery-Box also provides full backup protection from power outages and the ability to simultaneously charge and discharge the battery for ultimate performance and flexibility.

NRG Solar installed the first GEN24 + BYD Battery-Box coupling in Australia

NRG Solar is the only Fronius Solutions Partner Plus (FSP+) in South Australia, and one of just a handful nationwide.

Fronius top-tier FSP+ installation partners are selected by Fronius for their proven track record working with Fronius products. From choosing the best products for our customers’ needs, to outstanding service, to quality installations, to designing systems that meet the energy demands of tomorrow, Fronius trusts NRG Solar as much as we trust their world-class inverters.

Fronius has recognised NRG Solar for several awards:

  1. 24 Hours of Sun Video Competition Award 2016
  2. Winner of the Fronius International Solutions Reference Competition 2017
  3. FSP Special Appreciation Award in 2017
  4. Selected for Fronius Partner Plus Program for South Australia 2018
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GEN24 & BYD Battery-Box Australia First

You benefit from us being a  Fronius Solutions Partner Plus

  1. Double your Fronius warranty
    NRG Solar customers get a full 10-year warranty instead of 5+5
  2. On-site servicing and repairs
    We are accredited to service and repair Fronius inverters on-site
  3. Fronius top-tier installation partner
    2000+ installs and FSP+ status for your peace of mind
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