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Solar Carports and Patios

An NRG Solar Carport or Patio is an economical ground mounted system that does three jobs in one. It provides protection from the sun, turns solar energy into electricity and pays for itself over time in the form of energy savings.

The NRG Solar Carport

how does an nrg solar carport work?

NRG Solar Carport is an attractive detached structure that provides shade, shelter and protection for car parking or outdoor covered activities. Solar panels on the carport roof are connected to a standalone solar inverter that generates free, green solar power. With the optional addition of an electrical vehicle (EV) charger and/or solar battery, you have a complete, future-proofed solution for EV parking and recharging.

a patio that pays for itself

Even if you don’t own an electric vehicle, there are many good reasons to invest in a solar patio. A solar patio provides valuable shade and protection from the elements for outdoor entertaining and many other uses. Plus, the electricity it generates means that your new patio will pay itself off over time as you utilise free solar power to run your appliances, tools and other equipment.

Who is the NRG Solar Carport & Patio
designed for?

Our internationally patented NRG Solar Carport & Patio is a versatile solar solution designed to meet the needs of South Australian homes and businesses.

Does this sound like you?

  1. You are an EV owner who sees value in protecting your EV investment and reducing your carbon footprint even further
  2. Your residential or business premises roof isn’t suitable for rooftop solar, but you have sufficient space for a standalone solar shade structure on your property
  3. You want to extend the capacity of your existing solar system with more panels, but have run out of room on your roof
  4. You see the benefits of a shade structure that does triple-duty: it protects from the sun, turns solar energy into electricity and pays itself off through power savings
clean, green energy and protection from the sun

Benefits of an NRG Solar Carport & Patio

Customised solution

A customised solution with single and double bay options, offering 4 to 8 kW of solar power. Silver anodized and black anodized options are available.


An anodized aluminium frame ensures that your solar carport and patio withstands Australia’s harsh weather conditions.


With solar panels, an inverter, EV charger and optional battery, your solar carport becomes an all-in-one, day-night EV charging station.


Protect your electric vehicle or extend your home’s covered outdoor space while producing free solar power for years to come.

Customised solar solutions for your South Australian home or business

Who would benefit from a solar panel carport or patio? Some homeowners discover that they have insufficient space or an unsuitable roof for rooftop solar. Others may be seeking ways to expand their existing solar capacity. Many businesses would benefit from covered outdoor parking, extra covered outdoor work areas and from on-site EV charging.

A solar panel carport or patio is an excellent solution because it provides shade and protection, while paying for itself in the form of free electricity. In addition, we can fully customise the design to meet your size requirements and other needs. 

Add a standalone inverter for additional solar PV capacity for your household or business to enjoy. You can also add the new system to your Solar Analytics app to simultaneously manage both systems at once.

Get the most from your EV investment

Buying an electric car is an excellent investment in sustainable transport. EV owners save money on petrol and reduce their carbon footprint–even more so when they utilise solar power for recharging.

But many people are put off buying an electric vehicle because they don’t have an appropriate garage or carport where they can store and recharge the car. Our solar panel carport has these potential EV owners in mind.

Add an EV charger and battery and you have a complete parking and charging solution–one that protects your car and drives your EV investment even further.

Products We Use

Fronius inverter & Smart meter

Fronius inverters are rated the best solar inverter in Australia and for good reason. Fronius has more than 80 years of experience in power transfer technology and is renowned for efficiency, reliability and longevity.

The Fronius Smart Meter gives you complete visibility over energy management at your property. From the monitoring app on your phone, tablet or PC, you can see your solar production and consumption, as well as power you buy and sell from the grid. These insights help you make smarter choices about your energy use and provide peace of mind that your system is running optimally.

WINAICO panels

WINAICO has a global reputation for manufacturing high quality solar panels. They offer one of the best industry warranties with 25-year product and performance warranties, plus a unique two-year insurance policy.

You have the added peace of mind that NRG Solar is a trusted WINAICO Platinum Partner. Our platinum status is a testament to our reputation for solar expertise, quality workmanship and exceptional service.


We use only Clenergy racking and mounting systems. Why? Because Clenergy solar racking is designed and tested for Australia’s harsh conditions and backed by an industry-leading warranty.

Quality conduit is another component we insist on. Cheap conduit degrades in the sun and can lead to water ingress which can short out the system and require a complete rewire. We prefer to do it right the first time.

Solar carport design ideas

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Frequently Asked Questions

can I integrate the solar carport with my rooftop solar?

Yes, you can integrate your carport and rooftop systems in the Solar Analytics app to see your total solar production. By doing so, you can monitor both of your systems simultaneously giving you total control over your solar energy production and consumption.

Solar owners who use the Solar Analytics app report getting even more value from their solar investment. Powerful insights and visual graphics show you how to maximise solar self-consumption and savings.

How much does a solar carport or patio cost?

Being a customisable solution, pricing will depend on the size and scope of your solar carport design. Cost variables will include carport dimensions, number of solar panels, inverter, and optional add-ons, such as a solar battery or EV charger. Installation factors, such as integration with an existing PV solar system, may also affect pricing.

We are pleased to provide a no-obligation, on-site assessment in order to create a customised design and quote for you. Every NRG Solar quote is turnkey, meaning that there are no nasty surprises or cost changes.

how long will the solar carport or patio last?

Your NRG Solar Carport & Patio is designed to stand the test of time and produce clean, green energy for many years to come. For your peace of mind, the structural frame comes with a 10-year warranty and the solar products you select come with their own industry-leading warranties. 

We use only the highest quality components, such as WINAICO panels (2-year all-risk insurance policy and 25-year performance and product warranty), Fronius inverters (#1 inverter on the market) and Clenergy racking (best-in-class mounting solutions).

can you put solar panels on a carport?

Existing carports, patios and pergolas are often not suitable for the addition of solar panels without significant structural changes. And because electricity is involved, it is vitally important that your solar PV system complies with Australian safety standards. 

NRG Solar Carports & Patios are specifically designed to be safely fitted with solar panels and optional extras, such as EV chargers, and our installers are fully licensed solar electricians.

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